[ p l a c e ] m a k e s

the creative pulse of cities


[Place] Makes exists to surface and celebrate creativity in communities around the world. Exploring the intersection of culture and creativity, we spotlight people and spaces that shape a place. We believe in the power of creativity to transform, to inspire, and to create the most meaningful human experiences.

Along the way we aim to ask better questions, invest in individual and shared creative confidence and to build authentic community.



We are proud to have readers in 65+ countries. We're always looking for contributors, ideas for new cities, and people/spaces to feature and would love to hear from you!


[place] makes salons

Place Makes Salons are gatherings of eclectic artists and friends across creative disciplines, designed to provide both inspiration and tangible advice for the individual artistic journey.


We are experienced workshop facilitators and love sharing [Place] Makes insights with global audiences. Most recently, we have had the pleasure of speaking and hosting a workshop at Design Days Design talks Business event in Gydnia, Poland.


For questions please be in touch at hello@placemakes.com

Meet the founders


Alice + Scott Krenitski are co-founders of Place Makes. Alice is part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design and works as a strategic consultant and service designer. She has a MSc in Strategic Design from Parsons, and a BS from Vanderbilt University. Scott is a musical and digital media strategist. He currently works at Pinterest and past experiences range from a digital strategist at Google, to creative business development at Tongal, and to Head of Business Development for Silicon Valley start-up, Standard Cyborg. He has a MSc from the University of Oxford in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, and a BS from Vanderbilt University.

Between them, Alice + Scott have worked on projects ranging from ethnomusicology research in Rwanda, service design in Mexico and South Africa, and product strategy in San Francisco and Uganda. In their free time Scott is a touring musician and Alice is likely found doodling at a cafe.