Where cities and creative process collide.


Place Makes is cultivating a global community through collaborative events, publications, and immersive experiences that explore the intersection of sense of place and creative process.

Does place impact your creative process?

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We want to talk to you.We're on a quest to understand the creative pulse of your city and we need you to guide us. 



  • Let us interview you. We'll ask you these questions (and maybe a quick follow up or two):  How does your city/place impact your creative process? Where are you inspired? Where do you collaborate? Where do you create? Where do you share?
  • Give us a tour. Introduce us to your city by showing us where you are inspired, where you create, where you collaborate, and where you share.
  • Co-host an event in your city with us. 
  • Contribute to our upcoming publication (launching 2018). We want to hear what you think about where your sense of place and creativity connect. Write an article, submit a work of art, a song, poem etc.