Fashionable, wearable art by Alex Steele

Meet Alex: Based in Oakland, California, she makes fashionable, wearable art pieces. 

How does your city/place impact your creative process?

I think living in Oakland and the Bay Area impacts my creative process by pushing me to continue making my art and craft for a living. I feel that the area I live in is very supportive of creatives, and I see how people love the idea of owning handmade, artistic things.

I think the fact that there are so many big organizations that foster events for creatives to come together and showcase and sell their work (such as West Coast Craft, Renegade Craft Fair, Urban Air market, etc.), as well as local shops that host workshops, and individuals who put together smaller pop-up events at local venues or their studios. It seems like there is always something to be a part of, or to check out, which creates the creative community. Also, the fact that there are a ton of independent boutiques, women-owned nonetheless, that care about handmade items made by local artists, make for a driven community of artists that are supported to do this full time.

Where are you inspired?

I find that taking walks clears my mind for inspiration, and so I enjoy taking walks often. I also feel super inspired when I participate in craft and design fairs, where I am surrounded by other driven and passionate makers. I actually love just walking around the different neighborhoods and parks near my house in Oakland. I prefer to take walks to do my errands, and I try to take different routes to keep it interesting. It's mainly for the exercise and a breath of fresh air to clear my head. When I am moving and able to daydream, ideas come easier to me.

I feel the most inspired when I am a part of craft and design fairs and am surrounded by so many other artists, makers, and designers. In addition to seeing all the exciting things people are creating, I love observing how everyone sets up their booth spaces with their unique ways to display their work.

Where do you collaborate?

I collaborate in my art studio, or my home studio, or a friend's studio. They are private places to focus and work out ideas.

Where do you create?

I work from my home studio often, because I have a backyard where I can spread out and be messy with my materials (or work with messy materials!) I also have a separate art studio where I go to work out new ideas and do assembly work for my collection.

Where do you share?

I primarily share and promote what I am making and doing through Instagram (@alexsteele). 

Image above from her Instagram account.