[ w e l l i n g t o n ] m a k e s

spirited collaboration and close-knit experimentation


Close-knit, relaxed, and a little bit kookie, Wellingtonians are constantly fueled by fantastic coffee and inspired by the nature surrounding this quaint city. You might be surprised that in a city of only half a million you will simply never run out of cultural experiences ranging from museums, to music venues to self-organized events and salons. Maybe it’s something in the water (or the wind) but Kiwis describe the arts scene here as both supportive and inviting.


Get to know some of the people and spaces shaping wellington’s scene:

Want to experience it yourself?

All is takes is a long walk to feel it for yourself: start up along the Pollhill Reserve, down wacky Holloway Road, along the vintage shops on Cuba Street all the way to the harbor. And be sure to stop for a pastry and a long black along the way—there's always time for coffee in Wellington, New Zealand!